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Western seaboard????

Posted by Crow on August 12, 2004

In Reply to: Western seaboard???? posted by Lotg (OZ) on August 02, 2004

A quick google search *does* reveal Western Seaboards--for Scotland and Ireland. Google also returns a site that mentions the fact England does not have a western seaboard because Wales gets in the way. Regarding this, I'd also imagine that the close proximity of Ireland rather blocks the notion of a true seaboard...

So here's my hazardous guess: America and Australia were both settled predominantly by the English--yes, many Scots are in Australia, but I think they're there because the English sent them there, and they were subject to English rule--hence the English precedent of thinking in terms of only an *eastern* seaboard sets the psychological tone. Consider, also, that it took a good hundred years before settlers made it effectively to the west coast of the USA, and since these settlers arrived by land, not ocean, they'd likely tend to think in terms of the coast not so much as a border as a stopping place.

Whaddaya think, sirs?