Rocket Scientist

Posted by Ward on August 20, 2004

In Reply to: Splitters posted by Lewis on August 20, 2004

: : : From SlangSite:

: : : atom splitter: Sarcastic description of an unintelligent person...
: : :
: : : Alternatively, a hangover of magnificent proportions...

: : : So far, can find no support for either of these definitions. Anybody? Thanks

: : Calling a 'stupid' person an 'atom splitter' is right up there with calling them a 'brain surgeon'. The implication being that it takes more than a modicum of intelligence to be a brain surgeon, and splitting the atom was something of a feat too. So 'atom splitter' is the antithesis of 'unintelligent person' - hence the sarcasm.

: : As for the hangover theory, well that's a new one on me. Presumably the implication is that the hangover is of such monumental proportions as to be as momentous as the splitting of the atom. I dunno - just a theory!!

: There is a beer from the Orkney Brewery called "Skull-Splitter" - those Orcadians had to find something to do on those dark lonely nights in the North Atlantic...

A term used in a slightly different way in the States is 'rocket scientist'. Someone might say about some accomplishment -- you don't have to be a rocket scientist to do that! This term became popular after the triumphs of NASA in the 60s and 70s, when being a rocket scientist was about as impressive as you could get.