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Palm grease/bahksheesh?

Posted by Lewis on May 17, 2004

In Reply to: KY Jelly? posted by Lotg on May 16, 2004

: : : So can anyone give me the good oil on 'the good oil'? Why would such a term describe the provision of good, reliable or latest or inside information?

: : Goddess, are you sure you're not talking about KY jelly?

: Ha ha, no Acme - there are some things a person shouldn't need - but I'm not going there.

: You know what I mean (you're just playing hard to get) - give me the facts man, the latest info, etc. etc.

Mmm - KY jelly - I heard of an Amercian woman who rang up the grocery store to complain that her 'Kentucky Jelly' wasn't very good. I think she was eating it with peanut butter.

If you asked for the 'inside track' and somebody gave you KY, I think they would be setting you up to be screwed...

I think in many countries, "palm grease" is bakhsheesh (apologies for spelling). I don't know if that is water based or oil based.