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Wrong side of the Pennines

Posted by Gary on May 15, 2004

In Reply to: Wrong side of the Pennines posted by Mike on May 15, 2004

: *they're on the wrong side of the pennines for a kick-off*"
: The Pennines are a range of mountains that run North to South down the centre of Northern England (roughly speaking). Yorkshire and Lancashire are on either side of the range, and historically each consider the other to be on the wrong (that is, the other) side.
: For a kick off is a reference to football where one side "kicks off" to start the match. Read it as meaning "for a start".

I'm not sure that's right. It sounds more likely from the context that the 'kicking off' refers to fighting. That's a common expression in the north of England for agressive disputes. Supporters of Leeds and Manchester United have a particular dislike for each other, partly rooted in the Lacashire/Yorkshire rivalry that goes back to the Wars of the Roses.