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Rose Tattoo

Posted by Rude Boy on May 07, 2004

In Reply to: Tattooed children in US during WWII posted by ESC on May 07, 2004

: A coworker is celebrating midlife by getting tattoos. She first got a college team logo on her shoulder. Today I noticed she got some hippie flowers on the top of her foot. It looks cute. Another woman, to keep her company, got a rose on her a**.

: They were discussing their tattooedness when a new employee walked by. Naturally they asked her, "You got any tattoos?"

: The new person hesitated. Said, "No." Then said, "Well, I do have one."

: She said that during World War II the children in her area -- northern Indiana -- got their blood types tattooed on their backs. She said the tat is just a blue spec now.

: Have you ever heard of this? I realize this isn't a phrase but I found it kind of interesting (and weird) and wanted to share.

Do women have those tattoos on the small of the back to give us something to aim for?
(My other half isn't tattooed - I'm just curious)
I did see the Williams play of the above name at the theatre - just to show that I can raise my mind to other things than rudery.