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Tattooed children in US during WWII

Posted by ESC on May 07, 2004

A coworker is celebrating midlife by getting tattoos. She first got a college team logo on her shoulder. Today I noticed she got some hippie flowers on the top of her foot. It looks cute. Another woman, to keep her company, got a rose on her a**.

They were discussing their tattooedness when a new employee walked by. Naturally they asked her, "You got any tattoos?"

The new person hesitated. Said, "No." Then said, "Well, I do have one."

She said that during World War II the children in her area -- northern Indiana -- got their blood types tattooed on their backs. She said the tat is just a blue spec now.

Have you ever heard of this? I realize this isn't a phrase but I found it kind of interesting (and weird) and wanted to share.