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More disagreement

Posted by Rassum Frassum Camel on May 21, 2004

In Reply to: More disagreement posted by Rube on May 21, 2004

: : Yes, to "gild the lily" means to "To cover with or as if with a thin layer of gold".

: No, it doesn't. That is the definition of "gilding" not gilding the lily.

: : In addition, you can use the phrase "to give an often deceptively attractive or improved appearance to".

: I have never heard the phrase used in this context. Gilding the lily is something unnecessary, as noted above. It is like giving a bouquet of flowers to a lottery winner. Sure, it is nice, but....

I often enjoy like your comments but why do you feel you have to erase bits of the post you are responding to? It makes it difficult to follow the thread of the conversation - especially as the thread gets longer. And when you post out of line, you are potentially consigning your thoughts to the ashcan of history since many people simply go to the last post in a thread to see the whole story, thus missing out your often insightful comtributions. Please Rube, please don't make me hunt you down like the dirty pig-dog-camel that I am and make you paste it all back.