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Play Nice, Ok?

Posted by Bruce Kahl on May 21, 2004

In Reply to: More disagreement posted by Rube on May 21, 2004

: "Please Rube, please don't make me hunt you down like the dirty pig-dog-camel that I am and make you paste it all back."

: Like you could on a bet.

: "Why do you feel you have to erase bits of the post you are responding to?"

: It is how I like it. If people skip because I do so, their loss not mine.

: I edit my responses for my own ease and for those people that view reading posts as I do. Shouldn't we favor our 'allies'? I really dislike having to read or scroll through a post to find what was actually said by the poster I am reading

: Not to mention more than this once that I include the segment of the previous post to which I am responding. See for instance this response, and the one above.

Hey Mr.or Ms.Rube, play nice.

This is a very orderly community; we all get along nicely 'cause we say please, thank you and we stop at red lights and we go on the green, we say bless you when you sneeze and we do not do things cause "It is how I like it."