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He bought it

Posted by Platypus on May 20, 2004

In Reply to: He bought it posted by Word Camel on May 19, 2004

: : Why is the term 'he bought it' used (especially in gangster movies) to mean he was killed (usually got shot, murdered, etc)? Is it some sort of abherration of 'bit the bullet'? Although bought is not a variation on bit or bite.

: Perhaps it's short for 'bought the farm'? If our past discussions of the origin of 'bought the farm' are correct, it seems the right time frame for most gangster movies, i.e. the 'roaring 20's'.

: Just a thought.

: Camel

For those who are curious as to why dead people are so interested in rural real estate, the "farm" is a eight-by-three foot burial plot, a rather small farm. As for gangster venacular, I prefer, "he's sleeping wit da fishes.."