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Shanky or Skanky???

Posted by Lotg on April 10, 2004

In Reply to: Shanky-looking guy posted by MichaelFR on April 09, 2004

: Would anyone have another definition for "a shanky-looking guy" than the one available at ?
: Thanks

Hey Michel, do you mean shanky or skanky??? Skanky I could understand but shanky might imply a guy with more assets than I could handle - he he!!!!

Skanky is being used about the traps around the Western suburbs here more and more as I understand (and believe me I'm an amateur and old person - 46 that is, therefore I'm basing this on teenage hearsay). Used to mean sleazy (if you look it up in the dictionary), but has gained more street cred I think lately and is actually now a compliment. Sort of like 'sick'. As an old person I have to say that 'sick' used to mean 'sick', but now it means fantastic or something even better.

Challenging stuff for us old people!!!

But given I'm struggling to keep up, that doesn't mean that shanky isn't a whole new word with a whole new definition and that I'm just not keeping up!!!