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Play the white man

Posted by Barney on April 07, 2004

In Reply to: Play the white man posted by ESC on April 06, 2004

: : : What can anybody tell me about origins of "Play the white man" and any opinions you hold about the phrase.

: : : Thanks,
: : : Abe.

: : It's one of those non PC phrases that generates more heat than light - hardly worth the hassle of discussion but check the archive, I'm sure it's been aired previously.

: My opinion: it's very, very bad. Here's a link to a previous discussion:

Here in the UK we really don't have the same hang-ups about phrases such as these and find some US sensibilities simply bizarre - like the Janet Jackson bare breast incident. What was that about? However, we do still find it odd that people eat horses, snails and frogs and use 'motherfucker' as a term of endearment - polite society in Mayfair would be mortified to hear such a word.