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Play the white man

Posted by Lotg on April 10, 2004

In Reply to: Play the white man posted by Rube on April 07, 2004

: "we do still find it odd that people eat horses, snails and frogs and use 'motherfucker' as a term of endearment - polite society in Mayfair would be mortified to hear such a word."

: I have to guess you are talking about several cultures across one or more nations here.

: Certainly MF is frowned upon in polite society everywhere I know of. I don't believe it is often used as an endearment.

I have to agree with 'Barney'. We Aussies don't seem to be so hung up about such things (although with our heritage maybe we ought to), and really didn't care about Janet Jackson's boob either. And when you think about how North America and Australia were settled (white-man wise), it's not real hard to figure out why it could be a problem.

So I can't say I know the origin of the term. But it does sound like it's origins are derogatory. As for MF??? Well I have heard it used as a term of endearment however odd that may sound, and again we Aussies have similar profane terms of endearment, so it's not hard for me to imagine how that could come about.