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Never on a Sunday

Posted by ESC on April 06, 2004

In Reply to: Never on a Sunday posted by Don Williamson on April 06, 2004

: What does it mean and where did it come from?

NEVER ON A SUNDAY -- There was a movie about a prostitute, Never on Sunday . And a song:
Never on a Sunday when the church is full of people
And the bells are ringing in the steeple, la la....
Oh, you can kiss me on a Monday
A Monday, a Monday is very very good
Or you can kiss me on a Tuesday
A Tuesday, a Tuesday in fact I wish you would
Or you can kiss me on a Wednesday
A Thursday, a Friday, and Saturday is best
But never never on a Sunday
A Sunday, a Sunday 'cause that's my day of rest...

I haven't seen the movie. So I'm not sure if the song was its theme song or not.