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I excused the dog...

Posted by Frankie on February 18, 2000

In Reply to: I excused the dog... posted by ESC on February 17, 2000

: : My husband uses this phrase quite often. Any idea what it means. He says this just something his father used to say.

: I couldn't find the phrase in any of my reference books. But I remember a similar phrase I used to hear in West Virginia -- "I don't excuse a dog after it's done bite me." Maybe these two sayings are variations on a theme.

: I've heard this phrase a few times to mean that
an apology may be accepted but not without punishment or severe reprimand (ie the dog was excused but still must die.) The best example that comes to mind: Let's say that your spouse cheated on you. You may say " I accept your apology but I'm still leaving you". Hope this helps.