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"Fair and Square"

Posted by Bob on February 11, 2000

In Reply to: "Fair and Square" posted by Ade on February 11, 2000

: : Fair and (even or balanced).
: : OK. I understand what fair means. But square?
: : Why does square mean balanced (ie: square meal)
: : Is it because there are four basic food groups-- hence, four corners of a square. What if there were only three basic food groups -would it be "Fair and Triangle"
: : P.S. Is this the same square as the 1950's cliche for nerd?

: Anything to do with a Masonic Connection perhaps? e.g. 'On the Square' 'On the Level etc..

: Ade

I suspect that it relates to "we're all square" after paying a debt, i.e., that nobody owes anybody anything. The deal is closed, it's fair to both sides, with no remaining obligations. Why "square?" Perhaps it relates to a carpenter's idea of perfection: "true, plumb, and square."