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The Domino Effect

Posted by ESC on March 15, 2004

In Reply to: The Domino Effect posted by Sathyaish on March 15, 2004

: I am curious as to the origin of the coinage *The Domino Effect*. Is it an eponym? Or has it something to do with *diminish*? The word *domino* does not seem to carry any semblance to the implied phenomenon.

: Suddenly, I am embarrased reading my first sentence. Is it right to capitalize the phrase "The Domino Effect" without any punctuation in a running sentence?

I believe it is OK to say: He was trying to explain "The Domino Effect."

Merriam-Webster online:
Main Entry: domino effect
Function: noun
: a cumulative effect produced when one event initiates a succession of similar events.

It has to do with setting up dominos so when one falls, several fall. For the image of domino effect go to this site and page down: