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The Domino Effect

Posted by Sathyaish on March 16, 2004

In Reply to: The Domino Effect posted by Smokey Stover on March 15, 2004

Thanks a lot, SS. Your suggestion was invaluable. I'll bear it in mind. I'd be interested in knowing what kind of stuff you write, if you are willing to tell me, that is.

: Sorry to get between the link and the apposite message. I have a comment about capital letters for domino effect. The attitude towards capital letters has changed a lot over the centuries, but nowadays strict editors and pedagogues prefer to reserve capital letters for specific situations, not including common nouns like domino effect. Names (Jesus H. Christ) and proper nouns (India, the Koran), which includes a lot of optional cases, have capitals. Style manuals often give a long list of cases where capitals are preferred. Some writers (including me) sometimes like to use capital letters for satirical or humorous effect, which most editors will reject out of hand. In informal writing I don't imagine anyone gives a damn whether you capitalize Domino Effect or not, but if you are writing for an editor, confine your special marking of the phrase to quotation marks. SS