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Yankee or Dixie

Posted by Bob on February 21, 2004

In Reply to: Yankee or Dixie posted by Bruce Kahl on February 21, 2004

: : : This is a fun test. I was 73 percent Dixie. The score would have been higher but I've been corrupted by TV.

: : : (Notice the test doesn't say Yankee or Reb. I guess Rebel is a bad word these days.)

: : :

: : As a Brit, I scored 55% 'barely in the Dixie category'!!

: 71 into the Yankee side.
: Lets go Mets!

Goofy test. Maybe I travel too much. But living two years in Atlanta in the early '70s could not possibly have had the impact to make me "58% Dixie." Y'all gotta know I was born in NY and live in Chicago, with stops in Pittsburgh and Boston. 99% Yankee by geography, honey chile.