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Thanks a lot

Posted by Bob on February 29, 2004

In Reply to: Thanks a lot posted by Miri Barak on February 29, 2004

: : : : I hope this is my last one for this series:
: : : : Watering holes - refers to Pubs or Bars or both

: : : : and thanks of course.

: : : The police cars are standing near the pub and "waving the flag".
: : : Does it refer to the red light that's working, or is it methphorical and they mean:
: : : to make their presence felt, or so.
: : : And my thanks.

: : In nature, I would say that a water hole contains water. At a watering hole, wild animals can find water to drink. Similarly, people can get a drink at a watering hole - a bar, a hotel or in England, a pub or public house.

: : I assume the police are looking for "drunken drivers", drivers who have drunk too much alcochol. Many countries set a maximum level of alcohol in the bloodstream for drivers. I don't know which country you refer to, or how the police would stop an approaching car. I think that it probably means making their presence known. Good luck!

: By the way:
: The police cars are standing near the pub just to keep things in order and it is in winnipeg Canada. I wondered if "waving the flag" means - with their lights on, or just - being present.

: Thank you

Waving the flag (often "showing the flag") means making your presence felt by being visible. It's a bit like "gunboat diplomacy" where the prsence of the fleet is the message.