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Oops, speaking of politically incorrect

Posted by Brad on January 21, 2004

In Reply to: Oops, speaking of politically incorrect posted by Lotg on January 21, 2004

im also from aussie and read what he or she had to say, I have a good number of pacific island friends because I used to live in nz, I often would say whats up [n-word] because I knew them and was on friendly terms,they, being from nz call me an aussie and I take no offence to it what so ever. whereas if I said to a black person, even in the day of when negro was acceptable, if I shortened the name to nig it would be incredibly racist, same as paki, seems to be racist. it seems that the blacks and gooks are the racist ones. any of them would get offended no matter what you called them, there is another word wich started off being used as a normal term but some blacks with a grudge on thier shoulder would turn it around. in muslim there is a word for a person who is a non muselim believer wich is called a kafir. that was origanally used as the same would bro, cuz, or sis. but for some reason there are racist blacks out there that dont like to have a nick name or be called what someone else wants to call them. the same thing is happening in new zealand, the natives are maori, wich apparently means "normal" because some missionarys said "we are european what are you?".
anyway, now you get some other maori with a grude saying its racist to be called maori and they now want to be tangta whenua, people of the land.
its all a heap of s h i t. people get too offended over crap that isnt such a big deal.
finnishing this off, all of you probably think im a racist bastard, wich im not saying that im not racist, I have lots of friends that are indian, maori(tangta whenua), pacific islanders, and mexican. I have no problem with any races except for chinese and french, they are both arrogant and the way they look just pisses me off.
why cant more people be honest and say thier likes and dislikes?
i like burgers but not hotdogs. why is this not discriminating?
any hatemail can go to