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Doing the pools

Posted by Lewis on January 09, 2004

In Reply to: Car pool posted by noga on January 09, 2004

: : : Does anybody know the meaning of the sentence: "he took a car from the pool"???

: : Some organizations/businesses will have a number of cars or trucks available to many users, not assigned to individuals. This collection ("pool") of cars can be taken out for an errand and returned, to be used by someone else.

: Thanks a lot!

there are a few usages of 'pool' similar to 'car pool' all deriving from a 'pool' being a collection of water - there is 'typing-pool' which is a collection of secretarial staff who do not have a particular person that they work for, 'pooling resources' meaning to cooperate, 'the pools' a gambling system that divides up money put into a scheme rather than has a fixed prize and 'pool' used in the same way as 'pot' - an amount of money to be used collectively.