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Take the Christ out of Christmas

Posted by The Wise One on December 07, 2003

In Reply to: Take the Christ out of Christmas posted by Lotg on December 07, 2003

: In the latest display of 'politically correct' insanity, the mayor of Sydney declared that a Christmas Carol event should not include any carols that made any reference to the word 'Christ' in it, lest it should offend people of other religious persuasions.

: Help me here? Am I daft? What does she plan to do with the word 'Christmas'? Will she simply celebrate 'mas'? Isn't Christ supposed to be what Christmas is all about?

: I'm not even a Christian and I struggle to figure out this bizarre piece of logic. What's more, every other non-Christian I have spoken to so far - this includes a Jew, Muslim, some people of other 'pagan' persuasions, haven't had the slightest problem with carols that make reference ot Christ.

: I wonder if for example, the Jewish community chose to have a public event (which they often do) involving their own religious references, whether she would dare to censor their songs.

: Methinks not. There would be an outrage. It would be viewed as vilification or something.

: Am I missing something? Does anyone actually agree with our 'esteemed' lady mayoress? Oops, sorry, apparently that's not correct either. Apparently, Lucy Turnbull is referred to as our Lord Mayor. Again I struggle. How on earth can a woman, be a Lord? Suddenly Lord has become generic?

: Lord give me strength! Oh sorry, I'm not a Christian. Well alright, then I call on all the gods & goddesses.

I have a very limited amount of sympathy with all the views expressed and personally am of the opinion that were the world to outlaw all forms of religion we would live in a much better society unencumbered by the need to pay lip service to myths and legends and, in many cases, downright evil dogmas.