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Take the Christ out of Christmas

Posted by Lotg on December 07, 2003

In the latest display of 'politically correct' insanity, the mayor of Sydney declared that a Christmas Carol event should not include any carols that made any reference to the word 'Christ' in it, lest it should offend people of other religious persuasions.

Help me here? Am I daft? What does she plan to do with the word 'Christmas'? Will she simply celebrate 'mas'? Isn't Christ supposed to be what Christmas is all about?

I'm not even a Christian and I struggle to figure out this bizarre piece of logic. What's more, every other non-Christian I have spoken to so far - this includes a Jew, Muslim, some people of other 'pagan' persuasions, haven't had the slightest problem with carols that make reference ot Christ.

I wonder if for example, the Jewish community chose to have a public event (which they often do) involving their own religious references, whether she would dare to censor their songs.

Methinks not. There would be an outrage. It would be viewed as vilification or something.

Am I missing something? Does anyone actually agree with our 'esteemed' lady mayoress? Oops, sorry, apparently that's not correct either. Apparently, Lucy Turnbull is referred to as our Lord Mayor. Again I struggle. How on earth can a woman, be a Lord? Suddenly Lord has become generic?

Lord give me strength! Oh sorry, I'm not a Christian. Well alright, then I call on all the gods & goddesses.