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Goose liver

Posted by GPP on October 30, 2003

In Reply to: Goose liver posted by LOH on October 30, 2003

: : : What is the proper name of the delicacy made of goose liver? Is it French?

: : Paté de foie gras. The first "a" has a ^ over it.
: : Yes, it's French.

: Apart from Paté de foie gras, I know escargot, caviar and truffle. Any other such French delicacies?

French cuisine has more delicacies, and more names for them, than you can shake a stick at; but snails, fish eggs, and fungi have nothing to do with the liver of a goose artificially fattened by force-feeding. 'Caviar' isn't a French word, though; it derives from Italian, ultimately from Turkish. (Note that if you go out and kill a goose to make liver paste, you do NOT end up with foie gras--it's the force feeding that's needed.)