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'sticks and stones'

Posted by Jacqueline lloyd on October 29, 2003

i feel the need to express my absolute disagreement and anger towards the above phrase. it is so easy to say this 'sticks and stones' ****, but it is an entirely different matter applying it. words dont hurt, they KILL!! now please do not be shocked by my boldness but I really do mean what I say. now lets take for instance words that are said to us by our parents or care-givers. if they tell us we are fat or thick, then we believe this ****. all our lives we carry these words in our subconsious. forget the lovely words that anyone tells us, it is only the negative we focus on. dont ask me why, I am still trying to figure that one out. so stick your sticks and stones up your arse and get real and sort that one!!! jacquline lloyd

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