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Come again?

Posted by ESC on October 25, 2003

In Reply to: "Sorry" posted by Ward Fredericks on October 24, 2003

: "Sorry" is often used to indicate that the listener has not heard the comment and wishes it repeated. it is, I assume, short for 'sorry, could you say that again'.
: I live in California, and told an English friend that we had elected Arnold 'the Terminator' as Governor. He said -- "sorry" I repeated it -- and he said he heard it right the first time, and he's sorry. What a wonderful language we share.

People also say, "Come again?" or "Excuse me?" The proper response in my part of the country (Ky. & W.Va.) is, "I don't chew my cabbage twice." Meaning, I said it once and I'm not saying it again.

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