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Expressions in MinRep, p.2

Posted by Lewis on November 10, 2003

In Reply to: Expressions in MinRep, p.2 posted by ESC on November 10, 2003

: : Ok, the next portion.

: : 1. "- He came to see you the other day right before he was tagged. What did you talk about?

: : - The Mets. John doesn't think they have a deep enough pitching roster this year, and I'm inclined to."

: : I understand he meant baseball team "New York Mets", right?
: : But does "they have a deep enough pitching roster this year" means "they lack of pitching players" or "this pitching players aren't good enough"?

"Tagged" may mean fitted with an electronic monitor which is used to monitor the curfew of a prisoner allowed to stay in the community.
Depth of "Pitching roster" would mean the number of competent players at throwing (pitching) the ball. It is a comment that the team may not have enough cover for injured or out of form players.

: : 2. In the old film that Anderton saw on the wall before the surgery operation on eyes, the episode when one man shoot another and said:

: : "Started blowing the buttons for no reason whatsoever, and I knew that."
: : ????

When somebody gets over-excited, they can be said to 'blow their buttons' which suggests that their waistcoat/suit/trouser buttons pop off because the person has inflated as if they were going to explode.

: : 3. "- It's anesthesia. It's all gonna be downhill."

: : "It's all gonna be downhill" - you don't feel any pain?

I think 'downhill' in that context means 'easy' as opposed to 'uphill' meaning difficult.

I hope that helps.

: : 4. "- Ah, Miss Van Eyck. I'm afraid she's already smitten. She only has eyes for you."

: : "She only has eyes for you" is some kind of pun? She has got an eyes (the real ones in plastic bag) and she like him?

: The only one I can help with is No. 4. To "have eyes" for someone means that you are romantically attracted. Love. Lust. Like that.

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