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Expressions in MinRep, p.2

Posted by ESC on November 10, 2003

In Reply to: Expressions in MinRep, p.2 posted by Shkval on November 09, 2003

: Ok, the next portion.

: 1. "- He came to see you the other day right before he was tagged. What did you talk about?

: - The Mets. John doesn't think they have a deep enough pitching roster this year, and I'm inclined to."

: I understand he meant baseball team "New York Mets", right?
: But does "they have a deep enough pitching roster this year" means "they lack of pitching players" or "this pitching players aren't good enough"?

: 2. In the old film that Anderton saw on the wall before the surgery operation on eyes, the episode when one man shoot another and said:

: "Started blowing the buttons for no reason whatsoever, and I knew that."
: ????

: 3. "- It's anesthesia. It's all gonna be downhill."

: "It's all gonna be downhill" - you don't feel any pain?

: 4. "- Ah, Miss Van Eyck. I'm afraid she's already smitten. She only has eyes for you."

: "She only has eyes for you" is some kind of pun? She has got an eyes (the real ones in plastic bag) and she like him?

The only one I can help with is No. 4. To "have eyes" for someone means that you are romantically attracted. Love. Lust. Like that.

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