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Bottom out

Posted by Bruce Kahl on October 04, 2003

In Reply to: Bottom out posted by Lotg on October 04, 2003

: I was just watching a deep and meaningful (yeah right) episode of NYPD and one of the characters said that their snitch, bottomed out, which I assume means they backed out, whimped out, whatever. This means that what I think the term 'bottom out' means and what Americans think it means must be different.

: So what does 'bottom out' mean to an American and how did it originate?

It means to "hit bottom" or come to a position in life from which the only place to go is up.
The recovery movement talks about "hitting bottom" with the concept that a drug addict/alcoholic has a better chance of letting go of certain behaviors if that person "hits bottom". Losing your family, your job, your house,your business can be considered aspects of "hitting your bottom".