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A little more specific?

Posted by Sphinx on August 29, 2003

In Reply to: In films... posted by Lewis on August 28, 2003

: : 1.Braveheart: why the title removed the space between the 2 words? Does this form contain extra meanings?

: : 2.Jurassic Park: in this film Sam Neil once said: "Life finds the way." (Am I right?) Is it a quote from a poet or a writer?

: : Thanks!

: It is common for two words to be put together to make a new word - German in particular does this a lot. It is less common in English, but it does happen - eg. "diehard" or "sweetheart". If the film title had been "Brave Heart" then that would make the film about a heart (person) which (who) was brave. By putting them together - a new noun is created a "braveheart" which means pretty much the same, but which might have other nuances.
: it may be the case that Scottish people use the compound word "braveheart" as familiarly as they would "sweetheart" - I don't know.
: [The film was a travesty of history - complete rubbish in which an Australian working for Americans turns a real Scottish hero into a myth. Even worse than "The Patriot" (not the Seagal film, the other one]

: As for "life find the way" - I think that would be a mis-quote - my recollection is that it is a tenet of Darwinian science that "life finds A way" (or its way).

: To quote the Levellers "There's only one way of life and that's your own" : more philosphy than 10 Mel Gibson movies

: [OK, I know he did "Hamlet" reasonably well, but you know what I mean...]

Why do you hold so hard a stand against Braveheart? Are you a Scottish?

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