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In films...

Posted by Lewis on August 28, 2003

In Reply to: In films... posted by sphinx on August 28, 2003

: 1.Braveheart: why the title removed the space between the 2 words? Does this form contain extra meanings?

: 2.Jurassic Park: in this film Sam Neil once said: "Life finds the way." (Am I right?) Is it a quote from a poet or a writer?

: Thanks!

It is common for two words to be put together to make a new word - German in particular does this a lot. It is less common in English, but it does happen - eg. "diehard" or "sweetheart". If the film title had been "Brave Heart" then that would make the film about a heart (person) which (who) was brave. By putting them together - a new noun is created a "braveheart" which means pretty much the same, but which might have other nuances.
it may be the case that Scottish people use the compound word "braveheart" as familiarly as they would "sweetheart" - I don't know.
[The film was a travesty of history - complete rubbish in which an Australian working for Americans turns a real Scottish hero into a myth. Even worse than "The Patriot" (not the Seagal film, the other one]

As for "life find the way" - I think that would be a mis-quote - my recollection is that it is a tenet of Darwinian science that "life finds A way" (or its way).

To quote the Levellers "There's only one way of life and that's your own" : more philosphy than 10 Mel Gibson movies

[OK, I know he did "Hamlet" reasonably well, but you know what I mean...]

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