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Line to take

Posted by Shae on June 11, 2003

In Reply to: Line to take posted by ESC on June 10, 2003

: : : I've heard something like "lie to take",or "line to take".

: : : May you suggest what it means?

: : : I am sorry not able to give you exact words.

: : : TS

: : I've heard the "line to take." Meaning the approach you want to take when explaining something or dealing with a situation.

: As in 4a from Merriam-Webster online:
: 4 a: a course of conduct, action, or thought b : a field of activity or interest c : a glib often persuasive way of talking

Could the original query have something to do with the 'lie of the land,' meaning the topography of the land? Scouts were sent ahead of exploration parties to guage the lie of the land and the best 'lie to take' was based on their reports. I'm sure I've seen this usage before but cannot find any examples just now.