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"a map of Ireland"

Posted by Lotg on May 05, 2003

In Reply to: "A map of Ireland" posted by masakim on May 03, 2003

: : : Please disregard my earlier message -- I got it all wrong, not being able to find again the reference I wanted. Now I have found it and it comes in a passage describing a particular homosexual and his "practice" in David Seabrook's recent book "All the Devils Are Here": "The standard sequence of events seems to have been[when visited by a young man] a hot bath, a meal, and later on a map of Ireland if the mood was right". What exactly in this context is "a map of Ireland"?

: : I couldn't find the meaning using Google. Maybe it means the two men got together for some Dublin' up.

: map of England (occasionally Ireland). A stain on bed-linen: Forces', esp. RAF: since ca. 1918. The latter occurs in T.E. lawrence's _The Mint_, published in 1955 but dealing with 1992. Ex the outline.
: From A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, 8th Edition_ by Eric Partridge & Paul Beale

: OK, getting into some dodgy ground here. No doubt the previous explanation is correct. But if this is a sexual connotation, then it reminds me of the term 'Map of Tassie'. Tassie being short for Tasmania. Tasmania is a sort of triangle, and the term 'map of tassie' is a slang term meaning a woman's pubic hair (due to the supposedly similar shape). So I don't know if there's some sort of connection there or not.