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One extra answer

Posted by TheFallen on May 03, 2003

In Reply to: Some Phrases plz posted by ESC on May 03, 2003

: : hello,
: : I need the meaning for the following phrases..Thank you.

: 1)carved out special time for themselves -- scheduled a time devoted to their interests or to be together as a couple.
: 2)many of them wound up divorcing - in the end they divorced.
: 3)went off to college - left home to attend college.
: 4)creep in and take over - entered quietly and took control.
: 5)struck me again how smart she is - became aware again
: 6)let something get lost in the rush of life - daily activities prevent attention to something.
: 7)set off chemical reaction - one event triggers a series of events.
: 8)the fall-off in new drugs discoveries - fewer new drugs are being discovered.
: 9)the roof fell in - something major or big happened.
: 10)to draw out infection - draw pus to the surface of a wound.
: 11)hip carved away -- ?
: 12)hustled him off - took someone by the arm or led him away fast.
: 13)stand up guy - a good guy/ someone who defends his moral principles and or his friends.
: 14)slipping out of your pocket - losing.
: 15)signing into the emergency room - going to the ER for treatment.
: 16)stepped up behind her - walked up behind her.
: 17)dashed off for an appointment - left in a hurry to meet someone.
: 18)wink at moral values - not following moral values.
: 19)get bogged down in efforts to do things - slowed down
: 20)honey trap -- ??
: 21)bowled over by someone - overwhelmed.
: 22)start on somebody - "start in" on somebody means fussing at them, scolding.
: 23)scoop out - dip out
: 24)gets his own way - causes his own problems
: 25)lose your cool - lose (one "o") your temper, get angry or upset.
: 26)grows out of it - changes as he or she matures.
: 27)rule the roost - is the boss.
: 28)crack under pressure -- upset due to stress.
: 29)chalk it up to experience - go through a bad experience but learn from it.
: 30)unpleasant fall out - bad things stemming from an event.
: 31)what you have been up to - tell me what you've done recently.
: 32)the scale has fallen from one's eyes - being able to see or understand something you couldn't before.
: 33)test the water - Timidly or partial do something to see what happens.
: 34)throws fits - Becomes upset or angry in a loud manner.
: 35)flanking out -- ??
: 36)took pity on someone - felt sorry for a person's situation and helped him or her
: 37)emotional refuge in bed -- ? took comfort in sleep or sex in bed.
: 38)flaunt the fact that they were an item - let everyone know they were dating.
: 39)handed down it verdict - handed down A verdict. A judge or somebody else makes a decision.
: 40)cooling off at a picnic - enjoying a less stressful time at an outdoor meal.
: 41)the car was violently rear ended - another vehicle rams into the back of a car.
: 42)talk his way out of troubles - explain.
: 43)a trek into the unknown - doing something you've never done before.
: 44)at our peril - putting yourself at risk or doing something that increases the chances of something bad happening.
: 45)was on the run - running away from something.
: 46)helicopter swooped down over them - the helicopter flew low.
: 47)shop up -- ??
: 48)get wind of his ... - heard about.
: 49)followed up - took action after an event.
: 50)out scouting for her next victim - looking for someone to hurt or us/ take advantage of.

#20 - Honey trap. A honey trap is an expression used to describe a con or a hustle where the enticement is a beautiful woman probably offering sex. During the Cold War, the KGB allegedly recruited a fair few spies in the West by means of "honey traps", where the unwilling recruit was suckered into having sex with some woman, was secretly photographed during the event, and then was blackmailed into co-operation.