A buynch of stuff for school

Posted by Stuff on March 13, 2003

1. One liner
2.in two shakes of a lambs tail
3. Three dog night
4/on all fours
5.take five
6. forty winks
7. fifty fifty
8. eighty eight
9.ninety nine out of a hundred.
10. one hundred percent
11.thousand and one
12. sixty four thousand dollar question
13. feel like a million
14. a million to one
15.six of one and a half dozen of the other
16. seven seas
17.eight hour day
18. on cloud nine
19. top 10
20. eleventh hour
21. twelvemouth
22 . catch-22
23. twenty thee skidoo
24. twenty four hour
25. feel like a million

Thanks alot, I need it for school and this site didn't have any so if yoiu could please help thanks