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Posted by S. on February 17, 2003

In Reply to: Paste-Pot posted by ESC on February 17, 2003

: : : Does any one know what a "paste-pot" is, literally and/or figuratively? Thanks for any information.

: : I saw on a few sites references to "billstickers"--men in Victorian England whose job was to post advertisements on poles. The glue they used was carried in a "paste pot".
: : There is also a comic book hero series called "The Trapster" aka "Paste Pot Pete" aka Peter Petruski who invented a super glue and uses it to fight various baddies.

: I worked for newspapers back in the days before computers. We would type our stories on long rolls of paper. If we had to insert a paragraph, we would make a cut with a metal ruler and then paste in the new section. We used "paste pots," containers with a brush attached to the underside of the lid. (Memories.)

: How is "paste pot" used?

I don't remember now exactly, but it had some thing to do with (former) Chief Justice Warren Burger's description of a hatchet job done either by his fellow Justices or by news-paper reporters. Either way, your explanation is perfect. Thanks.