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Dog's Bollocks

Posted by Rick on February 10, 2003

In Reply to: Dog's Bollocks posted by Nigel on February 10, 2003

My understanding is that is derives from an old joke - in which it was observed that a dog is so fond of licking its bollocks, then there must be something pretty damn good about them.

I don't think dogs' bollocks are particularly prominent.

: I think the idea of dog's bollocks meaning high quality is a corruption of its true meaning which I understand is "outstanding in a vulgar sense" ie something is unavoidably noticeable like the dog's bollocks. I first heard this in a BBC documentary about the Parachute Regiment about 10 years ago. The drill sargeant was adressing the new recruits and advised that once they had had their ultra-short haircut, if they left the barracks and went down into town, "You will stand out like the dog's bollocks" and possibly be a target for locals wanting a fight.