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Why aye man, a guess

Posted by Word Camel on February 06, 2003

In Reply to: Phrase posted by Bookworm on February 06, 2003

: : Mark Knopfler has a song titled "Why Eye Man" and it is used as an expression in the song. What is the meaning of this and the derivation?

: Many sites have the lyrics as "Why Aye Man". No luck as to finding the meaning, though.

I am guessing it means literally 'why yes, man". However, it sounds to me like a Geordie flavoring element, a bit like 'ye kenn'(you understand or know) in some parts of Scotland, or 'all right?'(pronounced 'aw rite?' in the East End of London. In other words, the actual meaning is a bit by-the-by at this point. Geordie accents are notoriously difficult to understand however so I defer to any Geordies in the house. There must be one at least, no?