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Bang for the Buck origin

Posted by Bruce Kahl on November 05, 2002

In Reply to: Bang for the Buck origin posted by Dina on November 05, 2002

: Thanks in advance for your help determining the origin for the phrase, 'Bang for the Buck'. One explanation is that it developed from the military as a phrase for exlaining relative value i.e. The missile carrier has more BFTB an a tank. However, to me this explains the usage of the phrase, not it's actual origin.

: Another source suggested the phrase relates to the slave trade in referring to the reproductive value of a male slave, otherwise known as a buck. This possible explanation could be considered offensive. For that reason, I've asked colleagues to refrain from using it. Hopefully someone can offer some substantive evidence about its derivation. Many thanks,

: Dina

That's nuts!
I don't think the phrase has any racial overtones at all.
A buck is slang for a US dollar.
So the phrase means that since cleaning product A is more concentrated and stronger than cleaning product B and they are priced the same then product A is known to have "more bang for the buck".