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Be kind to yourself

Posted by R. Berg on December 19, 2002

In Reply to: Thanks posted by ESC on December 19, 2002

: : : Hello out there,

: : : "Be kind to yourself." I'm guessing it has something to do with our make-up. Example: I didn't choose my parents or color or gender. No one asked me. So if I'm kind and not hard on myself, I won't make the choice of becomming homeless?

: : : Bye for now,
: : : Frank Callaway

: : : Side Bar: How do I go about saying "Thank's" for the answers I received to queries?

: : Without the apostrophe.

: I'll take my thanks with or without an apostrophe.

: A follow-up post is always nice. I just like feedback on whether the information has been received and fits the bill. Lots of folks post here and we never hear from them again.

About the first question, "Be kind to yourself" could be advice about how to treat yourself even if you'd drawn all the winning tickets in life's lottery--the ideal parents and so on. People need kindness from themselves in any circumstances, whether they get it from others or not. And becoming homeless isn't usually a choice.

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