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Posted by R. Berg on December 20, 2002

In Reply to: Be kind to yourself posted by Frank Callaway on December 20, 2002

: : : : : Hello out there,

: : : : : "Be kind to yourself." I'm guessing it has something to do with our make-up. Example: I didn't choose my parents or color or gender. No one asked me. So if I'm kind and not hard on myself, I won't make the choice of becomming homeless?

: : : : : Bye for now,
: : : : : Frank Callaway

: : : : : Side Bar: How do I go about saying "Thank's" for the answers I received to queries?

: : : : Without the apostrophe.

: : : I'll take my thanks with or without an apostrophe.

: : : A follow-up post is always nice. I just like feedback on whether the information has been received and fits the bill. Lots of folks post here and we never hear from them again.

: : About the first question, "Be kind to yourself" could be advice about how to treat yourself even if you'd drawn all the winning tickets in life's lottery--the ideal parents and so on. People need kindness from themselves in any circumstances, whether they get it from others or not. And becoming homeless isn't usually a choice.

: Then the advice, "Be kind to yourself" has not much of a history for the moment.

: The last line about a person choosing to be come homeless, maybe some do. The homeless we see on the streets today, might have been the mountain men a couple of hundred years ago.

: Bye for now,
: Frank C.

Yes, in my city, there are both kinds. Some people choose to live outdoors, and some live outdoors because they can't find a place they can pay for.

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