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Crossword Sanity

Posted by TheFallen on November 07, 2002

In Reply to: Crossword Madness posted by Bookworm on November 07, 2002

: I need no help with a solution, only an explanation of one. The clue was "Bridge team" and the answer was "they". Any ideas?

Yes, though I think the answer is more likely to be "them" and not "they". If you ever come across a contract bridge scoring pad, it's separated into two columns, headed "Us" and "Them" - I've never seen "We" and "Them", though I suppose it's possible. Competition contract bridge is scored a little like double-entry book-keeping - both pairs keep score on pads as described above. So, quite simply, if you're playing Contract bridge, you and your partner are "Us", and your opponents are "Them".

Having said all that, I doubt I'd have got the answer either - it's fairly abstruse.

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