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Crossword Sanity (errata)

Posted by Bob on November 08, 2002

In Reply to: Crossword Sanity (errata) posted by TheFallen on November 08, 2002

: : : I need no help with a solution, only an explanation of one. The clue was "Bridge team" and the answer was "they". Any ideas?

: : Yes, though I think the answer is more likely to be "them" and not "they". If you ever come across a contract bridge scoring pad, it's separated into two columns, headed "Us" and "Them" - I've never seen "We" and "Them", though I suppose it's possible. Competition contract bridge is scored a little like double-entry book-keeping - both pairs keep score on pads as described above. So, quite simply, if you're playing Contract bridge, you and your partner are "Us", and your opponents are "Them".

: : Having said all that, I doubt I'd have got the answer either - it's fairly abstruse.

: Make that "I've never seen "We" and "They", though I suppose..." in the above, willya?

"We" and "They" is common.

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