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We, the unwilling . . .

Posted by R. Berg on October 28, 2002

In Reply to: We, the unwilling do the impossible ..... etc? posted by mark cain on October 28, 2002

: hello all. does anyone know to whom the following phrase is attributed? I will misquote it yet it goes something like " we the unwilling, lead by the unknowing, do the impossible for the ungrateful"! it apparently was written on a latrine in vietnam during that particular war. it sums it up quite nicely given hindsight. help me out if you can. email [email protected] thanks

At that saying is attributed to Mother Teresa:
(link below).
Another site says it was the unofficial motto of the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam war.You can search further by typing these words:
unwilling unknowing impossible ungrateful
into Google, checking what comes up, and evaluating how reliable each source is.