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As rich as Croesus

Posted by Ed Stansell on September 13, 2002

Some may find it interesting; Herodotus tells us that Croesus was so rich that he had every guest take as much gold as he could carry, upon leaving. One fellow asked Croesus if he could take his gold at a later date, to which Croesus assented. The man return a few weeks later with a coat that was covered with pockets inside and out. Not only this, but his body and the hair on his head was greased. He went into the treasury of Croesus where he disrobed and rolled in gold dust so that he was gilded from head to toe He filled all the pockets of his coat with coins and nuggets. He even filled his mouth with coins. His load was so cumbersom that he could barely move. Croesus thought this site hilarious. Though a tad poorer after this episode, Croesus was still a very rich King. To which, I think this story illustrates.

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