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Early doors

Posted by Woodchuck on September 04, 2002

In Reply to: Early doors posted by DavidT on September 04, 2002

: Does anyone know the origin of the (I think) Yorkshire
: phrase

: "it's early doors yet"

: by which iy is meant "there is plenty of time at present"
: thanks for any advice
: regards to all

"Ron Atkinson is the inventor of the phrase "early doors" a juxtposition of two previously unrelated words, which has been unquestioningly accepted into the English language. As such he should be cherished."
- Lemon, Apr 24 2001

From what I can gather, everyone has more or less decided he's trying to tell them it's early in the game yet.

Early doors is also cockney rhyming slang for a pair of drawers, as in knickers. Hmmmm...

Here in the US, musicians and club owners will often say "The early door looks good" meaning there's a crowd lined up waiting to pay their cover charge well before the doors are scheduled to open, so chances are good of a heavy turnout and a profitable take at the door.

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