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Blackards (for "black hearts"??)

Posted by Bruce Kahl on August 19, 2002

In Reply to: Blackards (for "black hearts"??) posted by Patty on August 19, 2002

: My hubby has related several times that he remembers old movies, shown as kids' classics on TV when he was a kid, in which the term "blackards" was used in the dialogue. At least, this is what he says it sounded like. He said it was used to refer to bad characters, like pirates. I realise that this is not much of a phrase, but if it is another way of writing "black hearts" (which is our suspicion), then it is more of a two word slang term. A term for nefarious people.

: Can anyone shed any light? Is my DH correct about this?

: - Patty

Maybe the following? :

Main Entry: 1black·guard
Pronunciation: 'bla-g&rd, -"gärd; 'blak-"gärd
Function: noun
Date: 1535
1 obsolete : the kitchen servants of a household
2 a : a rude or unscrupulous person b : a person who uses foul or abusive language
- black·guard·ism /-g&r-"di-z&m, -"gär-/ noun
- black·guard·ly /-g&rd-lE, -"gärd-/ adjective or adverb

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