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Thumbing your nose

Posted by TheFallen on May 08, 2002

In Reply to: Thumbing your nose posted by James Briggs on May 08, 2002

: : I've used the expression "thumbing your nose at someone" to mean a kind of contempt. When I looked in Phrase Finder for confirmation it didn't seem to be included.
: : Any info anyone?
: : Thanks, Rosieann

: Certainly in the part of London I grew up in in the 1930s and 40s, 'thumbing your nose' was very popular with kids as a form of defiance against almost anyone else - other kids, grown ups (you hoped you weren't indentified while you were running away, which is what you always did if adults were involved!). I don't know its origin but I guess pretty old, possibly centuries. It was almost never used by adults and was regarded as childlike.

I'm under a similar impression regarding the above, and believe it to be a now out-moded and almost certainly entirely British childish insulting gesture. To effect it, simply hold your right hand side-on to your face, with fingers extended upwards, place your thumb against the tip of your nose, and then, facing your target, waggle your fingers. God alone knows how it came about.

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