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Good night, nurse

Posted by R. Berg on December 23, 2001

In Reply to: Good night nurse posted by ESC on December 23, 2001

: : : Where did the saying "Good Night Nurse!" come from?

: : "Good Night Nurse" is the name of a 1918 silent movie short starring Buster Keaton and Fatty Arbuckle with Arbuckle in drag as a flirting nurse to Keaton's doctor.
: : But I don't really know if this is the source for your phrase.

: (See Bruce's post for a photo of the above.)

: GOOD NIGHT NURSE -- From "Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, A-G" by J. E. Lighter: "good night - interj. (used to indicate or comment on a disastrous conclusion; also used to indicate surprise or exasperation). - also constru. With 'nurse,' 'Irene,' etc. ..1918 'Independent' (June 22) 472: 'When he draws a bead on one, it's good night nurse.'"

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