The disaster

Posted by Bob on September 14, 2001

In Reply to: The disaster posted by R. Berg on September 12, 2001

: : : : : : : : No phrase. Just a request.

: : : : : : : Amen.

: : : : : : Another thing to do is donate blood if you can.

: : : : : : Some regulars here live in or near New York City (probably more than have said so; NYC is the chief site of the publishing industry in the US). I hope they'll check in soon, when their priorities permit. I'm keeping in mind that after any major disruption telephone service may be unavailable for several days.

: : : : : My husband and I had planned to be in New York City this week for our anniversary. We honeymooned there 20 years ago and wanted to return to the scene of the crime. But this has been a busy summer for us and we didn't get rooms booked, etc. A lucky break. My former boss now works in the city. He e-mailed that he is safe.

: : : : I wasn't in NY... I was flying into Washington, on approach to National Airport, when we were waved off and sent to Dulles. Some people on the left side of the plane saw the Pentagon attack. I'm stranded in D. C. for the day....

: : : Wow. I'm glad you're OK.

: : I had a series of meetings planned in Manhattan this week so I was staying in close-by Queens County, a part of NYC, at my brother's apartment instead of commuting out to my home in suburban Suffolk County on Long Island.
: : The monday evening sunset was so beautiful over the towers so we took some pictures of the event which you can view for yourselves at the link below.

: I was worried. (To recapture Bruce's link, return to the previous post.) --rb
Just to follow up, I just got home after 3 days in Washington exile... and after a 20-hour train ride. Where's my martini?